Top 2018 Interior Trends You Need to Know

NOC Development scouts the interior home market often to bring you the latest trends and events. Here’s out list of top interior design trends you need to know for 2018.

Mixed Finishes

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Add depth to your home decor by mixing interior schemes. This means incorporating metals, warm golds, white spaces and stainless finishes to create a lasting, unique impression. Whichever metal or tile you choose as the dominating or complimentary colour- this will set the tone of a vintage or modern look to your home. Play with stone, ceramic, quartz, granite and marble. Add a pop of colour in your cabin door and black splash. Plan out your colour palette and consider different finishes like polished or mate for a unique look!

Open Spaces, Killer Lighting


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This trend continues into 2018. Create flow, airy balance with an open space that combines leisure, cooking and work activities. Dining rooms, kitchens and bedrooms are being converted into work and entertainment spaces. Technology integration in homes have allowed builders and designers to organize homes with minimal structural barriers. Fill your space with easy, accessible furniture and flexible lighting. Use interchangeable furniture and make your space efficient for any occasion. Illuminating your space with lighting is an excellent way to accentuate your room no matter what the size is.

Fixtures and crafts


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DIY projects continue to trend on YouTube and Pinterest- and don’t underestimate them! Enhance your space with personalized crafts and decorative pieces that are eco and budget friendly and fun to create with your friends and family! Mason jar fixtures, vases, paintings and embroidered photo frames are easy pieces to style your home with and move around.


Photo via Pinterest, @styleestate

Create unique decorating themes with 3d interior wall designs fusing different finishes like marble in your kitchen and bathroom space. Achieve a lush, stylish look by adding textures, shapes and different objects to your wall and floor scheme. This can be recycled material. art work, and handmade crafts.

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