Sales & Marketing Specialist

[fluid][layoutbox ][layoutbox_1 ][text tag=”h1″ css=”padding-left:10px;” typography=”Text {text-align: left;}”]Sales & Marketing Summer Intern

[text tag=”h3″ css=”padding-left:10px;” typography=”Text {text-align: left;}”]Start Date: July 2018 | Location: Vaughan ON[/text]

[text tag=”p” css=”padding-right:15px;padding-left:15px;” typography=”Text {font-weight: bold;}”]JOB DESCRIPTION:[/text]

[text tag=”p” css=”margin-right:25px;margin-left:25px;”]You’re a writer, a strategist, and a thrill-seeker. You love brainstorming and coming up with big ideas. You love challenges and you’re excited about the future of digital storytelling and cognizant of its potential in shaping our community and brand.

​NOC Development is looking for you. This Sales and Marketing internship is a great opportunity to become a part of Toronto’s thriving residential development community.​

NOC Development is an integrated real estate development, investment and management firm. We focus on designing and constructing distinctive communities that help cultivate the aesthetic landscape of the neighborhoods within which people live, work and play. We bring a fresh, innovative and vibrant energy to the rapidly changing world of residential development.


[layoutbox_1 ][text tag=”p” css=”padding-right:15px;padding-left:15px;” typography=”Text {font-weight: bold;text-align: left;}”]KEY RESPONSIBILITIES:[/text]

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  • Build relationships with various stakeholders
  • Identify, generate, and follow up with leads to close sales.
  • Develop the launch plan and content strategy for all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, print media, and NOC Development’s Official Blog.
  • Create and post content on NOC Development’s digital platforms as the voice of the brand
  • Maintain marketing and social media calendar
  • Coordinate with media outlets, suppliers, architect, designers, sales, marketing agency to promote upcoming projects.
  • Contribute to new project’s brand strategy development by participating in brainstorming sessions
  • Develop content for weekly newsletter
  • Basic graphic design for various print/digital media content
  • Create visual boards for presentation office
  • Maintain corporate website and other communication channels
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    [layoutbox_1 ][text tag=”p” css=”padding-right:15px;padding-left:15px;” typography=”Text {font-weight: bold;text-align: left;}”]WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR:[/text]

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  • Experience in generating leads, qualifying prospects, and managing sales
  • Positive can-do attitude and ability to adapt to changing work priorities
  • Excellent writing, editing, and brainstorming skills.
  • Experience as a content manager, editor, writer, or blogger
  • Experience working with various digital storytelling formats (text, video, infographics)
  • Strong understanding of best practices, trends, and innovations in content marketing.
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Excellent graphic design skills, ability to design in Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator.
  • Website design and/or html knowledge
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    [layoutbox_1 ][text tag=”p” css=”padding-right:15px;padding-left:15px;” typography=”Text {font-weight: bold;}”]LOCATION:[/text]

    [text tag=”p” css=”margin-right:25px;margin-left:25px;”]Vaughan, Ontario[/text]

    [text tag=”p” typography=”Text {line-height: 18.57142858px;font-size: 13px;}”]Please email resume, cover letter to, subject line: HR-Sales & Marketing Specialist-*First and Last name*Include writing samples, past marketing campaign, graphic design work, website design completed, and/or social media account managed if applicable.[/text][/layoutbox_1][/layoutbox][/fluid]

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