Located beside Detroit, Windsor is a great place at a convenient location!

Ideal Investments: Windsor


In the latest years, Windsor Ontario has pushed for success in the economic space
due to an increase in their population.  In this analytical report, we will be going over the Supply and Demand in the Windsor Housing market and why Now is an Ideal time to seriously think about property investment.


Windsor’s Supply for Housing Demand

Windsor’s population has been growing largely in the previous years.  With the growing numbers of new families, growing families and international movers, it is easy to see that Windsor is gaining a lot of interest in terms of House and Property Demand.  Considering the supply, Windsor is seeing a recent growth in the number of investors and property developers in the region.  This means that the property investment opportunities in Windsor are going to be seen as an Ideal Investment.


Larger government facilities have acknowledged the sudden increase and have started investing millions into
Windsor’s commercial district.


Commercial Economic Infrastructures

Devonshire Mall

Devonshire Mall has just seen a LARGE property investment of 70 million dollars!

The Devonshire Mall is Windsor’s largest indoor mall.  With this, Devonshire Mall just went through a 70 Million
, including a lot more retail spaces and a brand new food court.


Windsor’s YMCA

The Central Park Athletics center is only 5 minutes away from Central Park Windsor!

The Central Park Athletics complex (Only 5 minutes away from Central Park Windsor!) is a 40,000 square foot facility
that brings almost 50 new jobs to Windsor!


Gordie Howe International Bridge

The Gordie Howe International Bridge is the Multi-Billion dollar bridge that connects Windsor to Detroit City

The Gordie Howe International Bridge is Windsor’s soon-to-be second bridge linking to the neighbouring city of
Detroit.  The 5.7 Billion Dollar bridge is currently under construction and is projected to be completed in 2024.


Windsor-Essex Single Site Acute Care Hospital

The Windsor Mega Hospital is still in construction. This hospital is so large, the area they are<br> building it on used to be 2 smaller hospitals!

The Windsor-Essex Single Site Acute Care Hospital is Windsor’s soon-to-be Mega hospital.  Replacing two acute
care hospitals, the 1.5 Billion Dollar mega hospital is located 5 minutes away from Central Park Windsor!


Investing in Windsor

Windsor’s population is showing market trends that the city of Toronto had shown 5 years ago.  These market
trends are what lead towards Toronto’s booming property market.  With the involvement of larger governmental
investments and large-scale demand for houses, it is evident that Windsor’s housing market is in an ideal investment
state in terms of property investments.

Opportunities:  Central Park Windsor

the Tribeca is a contemporary house design that showcases elegance and beauty.

Central Park Windsor is NOC Development’s 30 home subdivision located in the heart of Windsor.
With contemporary designs such as the TRIBECA Model, Central Park Windsor aims to meet the needs of Investors
and Home-owners alike.

Beautiful interiors and Exquisite designs all at a Breath taking location

With construction starting soon, investors and home buyers can register for their FREE VIP package.
VIP Packages include hardwood floors, granite countertops and much more!

VIP Registration Page:  https://nocdevelopment.com/registration/

Central Park Windsor Project Page:  https://nocdevelopment.com/central-park-windsor/

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