How To Plan A Last Minute, Easy, Holiday Party


We’re just a few days away from Christmas and New Years Eve and it’s not too late to put together a fun, easy holiday party for your friends and family! Host a party now and don’t miss out on the festivities with NOC’s top tips:

1.  Get the word out ASAP

Start a Facebook or WhatsApp group, create a google or Facebook event and get the  word out about your party. Your friends and family may have prior engagements with work or other festivities so inviting your guests quickly, especially via social media will help you estimate how many people will arrive and who to expect!


Online groups and forums are a great way to share your preferences, type of party (is it BYOB?) and know if your guests are allergic to anything or need any special accommodations. It’s easy, simple and will save you plenty of time!

2. Coupons are your best friend!



S ave more time by using those old coupons tucked under your couch or shelf instead of hunting for the best deals and prices. Your local mall or plaza is packed with last minute shoppers and holiday activities so skip the long lines and wait times! Remember the online sale emails or coupon booklets mailed to you early fall? Find those and pair together mini gift ideas, snack options or even every day material needed for decorations.  

3. Go thrift, get creative 

Decorations are key for setting the holiday mood for your guests and yourself! It may be difficult or expensive to find decorations last minute so instead get creative with everyday house hold material available at your local thrift store.




Fruit bowls, mini candles, pine and pitchers for juice are great staples to set up around your home. These DIY ideas can be found on sites like Pinterest and put together with your kids and family!


What does your holiday party look like? Any tips? Let us know what you think!

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