How to have a stress-free Superbowl party!

How to have a stress-free Superbowl party!

We got you covered!


Throwing the WORLDS GREATEST Superbowl Party (subject to opinion) may have you scratching your head. Questions like “How can I beat last years?” or “How do I make my salsa and chips blow the minds of everyone who visits?” may be coursing through your head. Don’t worry, We got you covered with these ideas to help kick off your Superbowl party! See what I did there? Pretty clever, right?

Quarter 1 – Pre-Game Prep

With game day coming up, it’s time to seriously think about your setup. Simply running to the local market and picking up a whole arsenal of potato chips won’t cut it this year. It’s time to bring in the big guns.

Take on The Best Homemade Salsa Recipe (Quick, Healthy & Delicious!) brought to you by:

Now, the “Big Guns” can be a variety of different snacks, but nothing beats some good home-made salsa! We recommend this salsa recipe for the Best Salsa Ever.

These Superbowl Sugar cookies are sure to be a real hit at any party!

Now that we got the salsa settled, We should look at some football-themed treats. Our personal favorite is these Superbowl-themed sugar cookies!

After the snacks are situated, its time to clean up before the big day!

Quarter 2 – Game day

Game day is here! Man the stations and prepare for a great time! Make sure you show your team spirit by decorating your living room in your team colors!
After the colors, set the table with your Best Salsa Ever! dip and prepare for a chip-filled feast! Just remember: no matter how hard you scream at the television, Tom Brady can’t hear you.

Quarter 3 – Half-time Break

The Game’s been good, and your party is a hit!

Cheesy Baked BBQ Pork Taquitos - these are SO addicting! The Entire family loves them and is already begging me to make them again! and don't skip the Chipotle Ranch - its incredible!


Now’s your chance to grab food and drinks for everyone! We recommend this great Cheesy Baked BBQ Pork Taquitos!
It also might be a good idea to break out your trusty-dusty vacuum and clean up some of the evidence of that chip massacre that just took place.

Quarter 4 – Post-Game Cleanup

The Game is over, and man was it a good game! The floors a mess, the salsa is all over your pant legs and your friends are ready to leave. We recommend recruiting some of the party-goers into your platoon for this cleanup, as it will be one nasty fight!

Closing statements

Another year, another perfect Superbowl party!

With Valentines around the corner, be sure to keep your eye out for our blog post!

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