Experience Your Home Through Virtual Reality


Augmented reality is changing the future of designing, buying and marketing homes. NOC Development spoke with one of two founders of House of VR, Noah Brotman on how virtual reality will impact homes and condos in the future.

House of VR offers virtual reality experiences in viewing pods to individuals and groups. Located in Queen street, the hub of augmented reality allows users to choose their 360 experience across two floors.

Brotman and his brother, Jonah Brotman started House of VR in September 2016 out of personal interest and virtual reality trends. It took them 6 months to have House of VR up and running.

How do you think virtual reality impacts home development and real estate?

“The most interesting thing is that we’re starting to see people doing VR tours of apartments and homes and that sort of thing. I think it’s really going to shake up how the real estate industry operates. The other thing that’s sort of on the horizon before it is in planning of cities and development of stuff. I think the ability to visualize a lot of that information is going to go through quite a big revolution in the next little while,” said Brotman.



Where do you think virtual reality is headed in the future?


“The uses now are mostly in the play direction but more and more we’re hearing about some really amazing implementations in the non-gaming arena. Whether it’s from medical stuff as in treating PTSD or depression or in the visualization field,” said Brotman.



With the ability to change your visual and audio experience through headphones and seeing overlay images, it is easier to visualize and decide on the type of space that would suit your needs

Would you consider a VR experience of your future home or condo investment before purchasing it? Leave us a comment below!

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