Every Company Now Is A Tech Company: Meet Yvonne Pilon, CEO of WEtech Alliance

With Windsor council’s recent bid proposal to inhabit Amazon’s headquarters, it is clear that this city is growing rapidly. A growing population of more than 200,000 residents and a thriving technology and automotive industry is attracting more investors and home buyers to take advantage of this city’s amenities. 


Here at NOC Development, we are excited to launch our 30 detach home project in Windsor and contribute to the community’s development. We spoke  with President and CEO of WEtech Alliance, Yvonne Pilon last week about entrepreneurship and economic growth in Windsor. 

“Every company now is a tech company so focusing on technology and innovation allows us to stay competitive, increase competition, increase globalization and it also allows us to adapt the changing workforce demographic in a way that is way changing how we work as well,” said Pilon.


Meet the team: Irek Kusmierczyk (left), Yvonne Pilon, Deborah Livneh and John-Marc Vachon.



WEtech’s beginning date back more than 8 years ago as a proposal created by Pilon and board members to launch an innovation centre as part of government of Ontario’s bid to become a regional innovation centre. WEtech is one of 18 Regional Innovation Centress across Ontario.


”We have a very unique location geographically; being this kind of hub of two countries, Canada and U.S.,” said Pilon.

“Within a eight hour drive you have access to 175 million people and everyday just under $500 million go across our border in commercial goods,” said Pilon. 


Windsor’s location is advantageous to it’s economy. According to Windsor Essex Economic Development 2017 Quarterly 3 report, recent economic developments include new establishments of companies like Triumph Tool, annual conference held by  International Economic Development Council, and Windsor Essex’s youth participation in 2017 Summer Company Program. 


 In addition to the community’s achievements over the past six months, Windsor’s Small Business Centre (SBC) was awarded with Excellence in Economic Development for their E-Newsletter and website.


”I think it’s important for every city to have a focus on innovation and technology and then the word entrepreneurship as an economic driver,” said Pilon


WEtech is funded by the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs and it’s focus is to increase business and networking opportunities, develop cross border relationships, and accelerate economic growth in Windsor. 


WEtech Alliance is simultaneously focusing on helping young people build a foundation for themselves in industries like science, technology, engineering and mathematics from elementary to post-secondary schools.

One of WeTech Alliance’s facilities include EPIC Industrial Hub- a incubation space for entrepreneurs and students to build prototypes.

Their services and programs include mentors, workshops, FIRST Robotics, BIoGENEious, HackWe, and Supporting Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneurs in Windsor and Essex (SAYEWE).


As passionate community builders, NOC Development acknowledges the commitment and dedication behind such centres that accelerate Windsor. Home owners and investors have the opportunity to become a part of this economically thriving city through our latest project, Central Park Windsor. With downtown, city amenities, and Centres such as WEtech Alliance less than a 15 minute drive away from our home project, home owners have access to Windsor’s largest and strongest economic resources. 


This community profile is part of our weekly series, Know Our Community. Through weekly content we want to convey stories about leaders and influencers who are working together to improve our community in Windsor, Toronto and beyond.





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