Discover the architectural concept of Central Park Windsor

With our VIP grand opening just a few weeks away, our designer and builder are excited to share Central Park Windsor’s home models. Our latest project embodies the lifestyle, culture, and contemporary housing of New York City in the heart of Windsor.

Located in Ontario and across the Detroit River, Windsor is the ideal city for homeowners and investors. Along with vibrant locations and stellar craftsmanship- our relationships with home buyers and the community is important to us. That is why we have designed three different models built for every need and preference.


Modern, versatile aesthetics

Tribeca is our latest addition to Central Park Windsor. The 2240 sq. ft. home is spacious for any family or individual to live, work and play in. Multiple modern elevations allow for customization in exterior finishes. In addition to creating spacious rooms, we have strategically designed large windows and glass aluminium garage doors to allow maximum natural light streaming into your home. With minimal aesthetic interruptions, this model exhibits a flow of space which combines entertainment, gatherings, and work together. Watch movies while cooking dinner all at once.


Smart luxury

SOHO embodies our smart design architecture. This large, contemporary space maximizes every corner for you and your loved ones to share, create and make memories in. The 1890 sq ft. home features additional drawers, kitchen counters, and cabinet space making it a functional space built to last. Strategic lighting architecture illuminates the space and creates light-filled, open rooms. The chiseled bricks and sleek exterior stones and can be customized to your preferences. The SOHO model is our modern take on efficient space, lighting, and design- all of which will enhance your experience of comfort and luxury.


Fine, elegant detail

Chelsea is one of our finest, classic models that embodies comfort, luxury and luminosity. The 2590 sq. ft. model features a spacious walkout balcony, grand kitchen island space, shared and individual bathrooms, and a five-piece master en-suite. Chelsea’s refined exterior stone fuses durability with design, allowing you to explore multiple colour schemes. Our design and craftsmanship gives you the independence and freedom to customize your interior setting while maximizing space in a Chelsea model.

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