Toronto could be getting a direct train line to Detroit

Toronto and Detroit potential train line

In a recent post by Narcity, a new train line that could link Toronto and Detroit was discussed.  The potential train line would make a commute between Toronto and Detroit a lot less cumbersome than it is now.  This would allow traffic-less transportation between the two metropolitan cities.

What this means for Windsor…

The implementation of this train line would be helping a lot of different cities along the way to Detroit, including Windsor.  A Train line that connects Windsor to Detroit and Toronto would allow work commuters to avoid the traffic of the bridges on the way to and fro work.  It could help link the cities for a vast amount of mutual benefits.  This could also increase the number of people who visit Windsor as well. It could also help individuals who want to work in Detroit, but do not have another mode of transportation.  The introduction of this train line could mean a lot for Windsor it’s surrounding cities.

According to Windsor Census, Windsor is the 4th largest growing city in Canada.

Press Statements

Winsdor’s MP, Brian Masse told the Windsor Star that: “Although there is no money yet, this shows the interest is there… As renewal continues to take off in Detroit, it should include better service between our two countries.”.  Amtrak (A train services company), stated that “A western Michigan-Detroit-Toronto corridor is one of the services where we see promise.”, meaning that Amtrak sees a lot of potential in these growing areas.

Central Park Windsor

SOHO is the first of the three main models of Central Park Windsor.

As you may know already, the location for Central Park Windsor is within minutes of Windsor’s train station.  This means that the commute from Central Park Windsor to Detroit is even shorter!  With such a great location, it is easy to see why Central Park Windsor is such a desirable area to live!

the Tribeca is a contemporary house design that showcases elegance and beauty.

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