NOC's guide to buying
your dream home

Purchase your dream home effortlessly with NOC’s top tricks and tips for new home buyers.

Every purchase begins with a down payment that can be anticipated through this Down Payment Interactive tool. Select your preferred location and budget and receive an estimate of how long it will take you to save up for that down payment. That’s real estate made simple.

Not sure what the best mortgage price is for you? Get a free estimate through The Real Life Ratio that breaks down your finances and calculates how much mortgage you and your family can afford!

What to consider
before you purchase.


Whether it’s online, with friends or at work- start researching about different neighborhoods and housing prices that are suitable for your budget and lifestyle. Do you prefer a metropolitan or suburban area? Some keys things to look for are additional expenses like insurance, property, taxes and repairs, demographics, and your finances. Are your savings congruent with the potential down payment?​​

Mortgage Approval

​Start working on getting your mortgage approval six months before closing. Consider your credit score, proof of income and assets. Securing your mortgage approval in advance will give you more time to shop around for the best rates and terms. ​

Sales Consultation

Choose your home builder and book an appointment to discuss your ideal home, lot size, finishes, deposit structure and construction timeline. This is the best opportunity for you to understand the interior and exterior built of your home and how you can customize it to suit your family lifestyle.

Next Steps

Decor Appointment

Your decor appointment is one of the most exciting steps in buying your dream home! Learn and customize the finishes and hardware of your pre-construction home for tiles, staircases, kitchen cabinets, lighting, floor etc. Choose the design that reflects your style.​​​

Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI)​

You’re almost there! The PDI session is your chance to see and inspect your new home. Your home builder will walk you through your home’s features, explain maintenance procedures and make recommendations according to your home system. Learn about your new fire place, furnace, hot water tanks and ask questions. Maintaining your home is equally as important as purchasing your home.
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