Best Investment Ideas For International Students

Post-secondary enrollment and student housing are on the rise.

The Canadian government invested over $2 billion in the 2016 budget for the next three years in Post-Secondary Strategic Investment Funds to revamp post-secondary infrastructure, expand research organizations and create new bursaries and grants. 

The benefits of this government investment is conspicuous, especially for international students looking to acquire not just amazing foreign study experience but also financial help and cultural knowledge for their field of study. 


Investing in new home projects like Central Park Windsor is a fantastic way for international students to benefit from Windsor’s current real estate market, study and live comfortably in a metropolitan city and have access to the most recognizable universities and colleges in Canada.

Whether you are a foreign student looking to study in Canada or a parent guiding your child in his or her post-secondary path- our team at NOC Development is excited to share the benefits for you and your family for investing in one of Canada’s most prosperous and modern cities- Windsor. 

1. Excellent educational institutions =  career advancement



Take advantage of the hands-on educational programs and continuing certificate programs in institutions like University of Windsor, St. Clair College, Assumption University and Canterbury College.  The close proximity between Central Park Windsor homes and these educational institutions help sustain a strong rental market of students looking for housing accommodation. Transit is minutes away- making your commute to school a breeze. 

All institutions span the entire southern city with close proximity to Detroit, USA. With hands on training, skill development and programs in faculties of Arts, Business, Human Kinetics and Auto-mechanics, students are guaranteed strong work opportunities spanning North America and beyond. It’s the best way to kick start your career.


Central Park Windsor homes are structured with an easy deposit program and customization program which accommodates young families, retirees and students. 

2. You will never miss a thing in Central downtown Windsor

Photo via Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association


Balance your student, work and social life in Windsor’s most central area. Downtown Windsor offers retail, food, entrepreneurial and cultural events and opportunities for students to learn about city life and network. No foreign study experience is complete without indulging in local food, music and fashion. 

Windsor has a thriving manufacturing and tourism industry that is creating opportunities and accommodating a fast, growing population of over 200,000 residents. Being in the heart of downtown Windsor you are in the middle of rich, cultural history with over 200 parks, skylines of two different cities-Windsor and Detroit and international film and arts festivals.

This lifestyle is fast, urban and filled with networking opportunities for students looking to start their career now. 

Get a glimpse of amenities available next to your Central Park Windsor home:


3. Return on Investment


A strong return on investment is guaranteed with a stable, growing rental market. 

Windsor’s council has recently announced a 20-year growth plan that will augment quality of life for you to live, raise your family, and retire in. Access to sporting, cultural and entertaining events make Windsor a exuberant city to invest in. The constant flow of new graduates and increasing number of international students verifies a strong rental and job market of students looking to study in Windsor and graduates working in this city. 

Central Park Windsor is the best home project for students looking to gain experience in investments and education in Windsor. Start investing today.

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