Add A Modern Flare To Your Kitchen

As a mom of two, I spend hours in the kitchen. From preparing breakfast, packing lunch boxes to cooking dinner. Let’s be honest ladies, kitchens are THE hot spots in our homes, both figuratively and literally. Here are some simple ways to keep this space functional with a modern flare for your next new home or renovation.


 1. Combine natural wood texture with neutral-coloured cabinets and furniture

Go minimalist with this style if you have natural finished floors or cabinets. Add neutral colour furniture (white or grey) to the space to add a clean look to your home.

 Source: Due Pi

2. Add a statement piece

Whether it is unique lighting fixture, modern art pieces, or colourful decors, these statement pieces sets a new tone in your kitchen. Match your furniture with similar colour palettes to create  a magazine look-a-like.

 Source: Int2 Architecture

3. Less walls, more windows

Allow plenty of natural light to flow into your kitchen with large oversize windows and open concept floor plans. This is one of our core concepts when designing new homes for families . Bright open space with extended wood cabinets creates beautiful balance for your kitchen. You will see this design throughout the new homes in Central Park , a new community in the heart of Windsor Ontario.

To step up this look, plant your favourite greenery right outside the window, and allow natural beauty to blend into your everyday activities inside your home.

 Source: Martin Siegner

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