A Quick Guide to Decorating Your Modern Space

The new season calls for a fresh change in your most treasured space- your home. Nothing beats that good warm feeling of waking up in a clean, bright bedroom or coming home to cook dinner in an organized, spacious kitchen.

A modern, contemporary home is acquiescent for big or small changes any time of the year. Whether it’s large renovations or small tweaks to your interior home design-these changes are an excellent way to spark inspiration and rejuvenate your space.

Here are NOC’s top three interior elements you can fine-tune to enhance your home for a greater, luxurious experience.

1. Colour Scheme

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Tweaking or changing the colour scheme in one room or the entire house is an excellent and easy way to change the entire aura and style of the space. Different colors denote personality traits, spark moods, and encourage feelings.

Did you know red subconsciously encourages interaction, passion and eating in spaces like the kitchen? Or how about green subconsciously encourages creativity and innovation for work spaces and libraries?

So while keeping this in mind, how do you choose the right colour scheme?

Well, start by choosing your focus- bold wall colours and neutral furniture or bold furniture colours and neutral walls. Whatever you choose, make sure to consider what changes are easy for you to implement and continue in the future.

2. Alter Lighting

Photo via @NathanJ, Flickr

Lighting is one of the most important aesthetic in your home. Contemporary, modern homes like Tribeca feature minimal aesthetic dividers and large windows that which maximize light and space. With a modern interior like this, it is important to plan out what type of lighting fixtures you would want to decorate your space with.

Explore cove lighting or subtle lighting. You can direct vivid lights to a specific painting or poster in your living room or keep it subtle in your kitchen with cove lights.

Metallic, gloss or matte lighting features are excellent ways to jazz up a neutral living room to a
chambre élégante.

3. Update furniture

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The different options in thematic furniture are endless.

Choose mid-century modern pieces with natural colors, industrial tables and chairs with steel, or urban aesthetics with bright colours and abstract design. Opt for a different, new furniture piece from your local home and furniture store or swing by a neighbor or friend’s garage sale for vintage pieces.

Through either choice- you are bound to flare up a neutral room or tone down a vibrant space.

What are some of your go-to methods of decorating your space? We want to know! Let us a comment below.

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