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Interior Design is a critical element to every home.
The problem is, Interior Design is a costly area, where the average homeowner would want to do it themselves.
Unfortunately, making your interior look nice is easier said than done.
Fortunately, we have some easy Dos and Don’ts to assist in the creation of your beautiful home!

The Dos and Don’ts

For this, we got 5 examples of some Dos and Don’ts that you can try at home!

1. Do use dramatic color in small spaces

drastic colors in small spaces make for great contrast!

A dramatic color can make a small room have a big difference.
It is commonly overlooked when designing homes, but small rooms do have the power to make an “Okay” home into a “WOW” home.
In the example, we see a very dramatic blue, with an accent of white.
As you can see, these two colors contrast each other perfectly, leaving a beautiful and pleasing result.

2. Don’t push all your furniture to the wall

although it seems good on paper, furniture pushed against walls leaves an awkward space.

The common misconception about placing everything against the wall is thought to be a good way of creating space.
This actually is not the case in practice.
Sure, you’ll have more space in your room, but it is awkward space.
This awkward space allows for unevenness in the “feng shui” of your room.
Leaving a little bit of breathing room around your furniture allows for more even looking placements, as well as a more comfy look.

3. Don’t do small on big

when it comes to paintings and mirrors, go big or home! (or at least another way!)

Think of a large wall as a canvas.
If you were painting, you wouldn’t put a small picture on a large canvas, would you?
Same goes for walls.  If you have a small painting on your wall, chances are the wall is going to “swallow” your painting.
Plus, it just looks awkward.
Try to go abstract by placing multiple small/medium sized paintings, or just one large one!

4. Do remember and use “Accent Pieces”

Accent pieces help

Accent pieces are furniture pieces that are a shade that “pops”.
In the example, we see a white side table against a gray wall.
The table really “pops” out at the viewer, and helps bring the entire look of elegance together.

5. Don’t match, think Abstract!

it is commonly thought that keeping everything the same color is seen as elegant. This is not the case sometimes.

There is a time and place where things should match.
This is not the time and place.
This is because there is a lack of accents (remember #4?)
Without any accents, the room will look very matte, with not a lot of eccentricity.

Closing Statements

Interior design is hard, so don’t feel bad if it’s an intimidating task!
Hopefully, we were able to bring any new ideas for your next projects, or even assist in the planning of your next room!

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