3 Family Fun Thanksgiving Games!

3 Family Fun Thanksgiving Games!

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With Thanksgiving around the corner, its time to get creative with the entertainment for your guests.  You have your food ready, the table placed and drinks set but remember:  We have nothing for the guests to do after dinner!  No need to worry!  We got you covered with these 3 Family Fun Thanksgiving Games!

Shake Your Feathers

Things you’ll need:

1. Empty tissue box

2. Craft Party Feathers

3. Pantyhose

What to do:

The objective of this game is too see who can shake the most feathers out of their box in a minute.  Firstly, tape a pair of pantyhose to each side of the tissue box, leaving the tissue box in the middle.  Participants will fill their tissue box with some craft feathers, and tie the pantyhose around their waist, so the tissue box is in the centre of the participant’s waist (on the backside).

A tissue box full of feathers for Thanksgiving family games

Now its time to Shake! 

Shake your feathers is fun for the whole family!

At the end of the minute (or specified time), whoever shook the most feathers out is the winner!



Things you’ll need:

1. Whipped cream

2. Pie Tins

3. Gummy Letters

What to do:

The objective of this game is to spell the selected Thanksgiving-themed word using the letters!  To set up this game, spell out a Thanksgiving-themed word with the gummy letters (Turkey will do).  Place the letters in random order onto the pie tins and cover them up with a LOT of whipped cream!  Participants must dig into the whipped cream using only their mouths to retrieve the letters.

Men playing Thanksgiving games like eating a pie

Participants must then spell out the proper words to win!

Pie eating Thanksgiving games are such fun

Turkey Toss

Things you’ll need:

1. Baskets

2. Blindfolds

3. Pingpong balls (turkey-themed preferably!)

What to do:

The objective of this game is to catch the ping-pong ball to win!  Seems easy?  Well, it gets a LOT harder!  Participants work as a team to see who can be the first to catch the ball!  Teams consist of Turkey Tossers (pitchers) and Turkey Savers (Catchers).  The Tossers must toss the turkeys (ping pong balls) towards the Savers, where

the Blindfolded Saver must attempt to catch the Turkey MID-FLIGHT!

Don’t forget to give thanks this Thanksgiving and enjoy your time with your family, friends and loved ones!

We’d like to give thanks to everyone involved with NOC Development!  We can’t wait to spend another year with you and more to come!

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