3 Awesome Halloween DIYs for everyone’s party!

3 Awesome Halloween DIYs for Everyone’s party!

From NOC Development


Hopefully, your Thanksgiving was great and loved our Fun Thanksgiving Games this year!

Now with Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to act fast and create the Best Halloween Ever!

…or just one that doesn’t suck.

The one issue is, stores can be extremely pricey!  So this year, why not chop the costs and get some spooky savings

with our 3 Awesome DIY Halloween Decorations that will cost you less than $10!

And No.  There is no Ghost DIYs, no one wants another “bedsheet ghost” costume.

1.  The Mummy Hand (Or Zombie Hand)!

Halloween DIY | Why not cover up the cheesy $2 hand and make it more believable with some gauze!

You know how the dollar store has those cheesy amputated limbs?

Well, they don’t look terrible when they are covered in gauze! Or if you want to get really into it, why not paint it green and have a Zombie-Mummy! or a Zummy…?

Spooky Savings

Hand – $2 – $3
Gauze – $3 at Walmart

For an overall cost of $5-$6, this spooky hand makes a great budget DIY and heck, why not make a few!

2. Bloody Candles

Halloween DIY | These Bloody candles are easy to do, and will be a great addition to any Halloween party!

This great Candle trick only takes 2 candles! (and a little creativity)

All you need is 1 red candle and the rest can be any colour you want! (We found white works best though).

Now just melt some of that red candle and start dripping it all onto your other candles, the more random, the more real it looks!

And heck!  You could go with any colour!
We personally like Green on White!

Halloween DIY | Spooky Green will also be fun as well!

Spooky Savings

Candles – $1

For $2, you could make these wicked candles!  I honestly think for so cheap, why not make a bunch? They’re such a great bargain!

3. Staring Sundrops

Halloween DIY | These Spooky blinking flowers are a great addition to any Halloween party!

Okay, I know these flowers aren’t Sundrops, but hear me out! I needed a good name!

For this DIY, all we need are fake eyes, fake flowers and a dab of glue!

Voila! You got yourself terrifying flowers!

Spooky Savings

Fake Flowers – $1

Fake Eyes – $2

For $3, you could have yourself some Seriously spooky flowers to show off at your house for the trick-or-treaters, or house party guests!



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