Windsor in Canada’s Fastest Growing Cities


According to Windsor Census, Windsor is the 4th largest growing city in Canada.

This week, CBC News released a list of Canada's top five fastest-growing urban areas.  Windsor (the location of our Central Park Windsor) was ranked #4 in the Fastest Growing cities in Canada.

Census Graph

Below, we can see the information that the CBC is using to determine the growth rates.

Percent change in all of Canada's cities. Windsor is number 4!

Population changes in Canada from 2017-2018

(courtesy of CBC)

What this tells us

This graph shows that Windsor is excelling passed a lot of other Canadian cities (including Toronto!)

Using this census' information, we can easily evaluate that Windsor is not only a booming economy but also an extremely favourable location for people to live and invest.

With these current trends, we can see Windsor is showing similar trends to Toronto circa 5 years.  Another point worth noting is that Windsor's growth had surpassed Toronto's.

Central Park Windsor

With such a fast growing city, it is easy to see why Windsor is so desirable as a location for living and investment.  Central Park Windsor aims to serve this purpose.  With beautiful and elegant home designs in such a great location, Central Park Windsor is the perfect mixture of downtown and suburban lifestyle.

the Tribeca is a contemporary house design that showcases elegance and beauty.

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Moving forward

With the last years showing these trends, it is time to seriously think about Windsor as an investment opportunity.  The growth rate has only increased for the last half-decade (see Windsor census 2011 to 2016).

With such a fast growing city, it is easy to see the potential that Windsor has!

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