19 Amazing Restaurants You Need To Eat At In Windsor

Windsor is a huge city and it’s not surprising that they have endless amounts of super tasty restaurants.

There is definitely something for everyone’s pallets and tastes. Whether you’re looking for amazing tacos, or a mouthwatering breakfast, there is definitely something for you in Windsor.

We took it upon ourselves to make a list of 19 amazing restaurants that all self-proclaimed foodies in Windsor need to try ASAP.

Check below to see if any of your favourites made our list!

1. Healthy Mama // 152 Lesperance Rd.

Yes this spot is technically in Tecumseh, but it is too good not to include! If you’re looking to begin living a healthier lifestyle, Healthy Mama’s is the place to start.  This adorable little spot offers numerous gluten free, nut free and vegan options, but they never sacrifice amazing flavours!

2. Mamo Burger Bar // 1515 Ottawa St.

Mamo Burger has taken their menu to a whole new level, with out of the box flavour pairings that are seriously making us drool.  I mean how can you go wrong when combining creamy mac and cheese with an unbelievable burger?!

3. Toasty’s Grilled Cheese & Salad Bar // 357 Ouellette Ave.

Comfort food season is upon us, and the best place to go to stomp your cravings is Toasty’s!  And you don’t even have to feel guilty about your cheese coma inducing sandwich, because you can balance it all out with a salad on the side.

4. Tiki Sushi // 900 Erie St E.

Tiki Sushi offers a laid back dining experience and some of the most delicious sushi in Windsor.  Their decor is as aesthetically pleasing as their food, so be sure to snap a few pics for your Instagram.

5. The Willistead // 1840 Wyandotte St E.

If this photo is not reason enough alone to visit the Willistead then I don’t know what is.  This is an amazing spot to hit up for a weekend brunch, so grab a few pals and make a reservation ASAP.

6. Shway Shway Cafe // 1471 Ottawa St.

Whether you’re looking for coffee or a healthy breakfast option Shway Shway is the (sh)way to go. All their ingredients are always super fresh and you’re guaranteed to leaving feeling satisfied and energized.

7. Lorelei’s Bistro // 1526 Wyandotte St E.

Lorelei’s Bistro is a great place to take a first date.  You’ll be able to impress them with not only your great looks

and charm, but also an amazing meal!

8. Carrots n’ Dates // 2090 Wyandotte St. E.

Carrots n’ Dates is a cozy spot that specializes in plant-based and gluten free options.  We suggest you try their chocolate smoothie bowl, you won’t be disappointed!

9. Walkerville Eatery // 911 Walker Rd.

If you like caesar, and you like burgers, then you need to go to Walkerville Eatery.  They have caesars with mini burgers on top of them and I think it should be every foodie’s mission to try one.

10. Suzie’s Grill Cafe // 150 Ouellette Pl #120.

If you’re looking for a super yummy breakfast, head to Suzie’s.  The pancakes are always fluffy, the potatoes are always crispy and the staff is always super friendly!

11. Wineology Bar & Restaurant // 1646 Wyandotte St E.

If you or your friend is a total wine enthusiast you need to take a visit to Winelogy.  Their extensive wine list and amazing appetizers and entres are sure to impress you!

12. Mario’s On Pelissier // 322 Pelissier St.

If you’re craving Italian, Mario’s is the perfect place to go.  Their Appetizer Platter (in the picture above) is a great deal and seriously delicious, be sure to try it!

13. The Carvery // 1301 Wyandotte St E.

The Carvery is the perfect spot to grab a warm soup or a fresh salad.  This is also a great place to study while enjoying a yummy meal during finals season!

14. TOAST Restaurant //

The food is just as outstanding as the service.  Toast is a really great spot to go for a weekend brunch with friends or a super yummy breakfast with a date!

15. The Cook’s Shop // 683 Ouellette Ave.

If you like seafood, you’ll love the Cook’s Shop.  All their fish is always fresh and very flavourful.  Our personal favourite is their rainbow trout, be sure to try it!

16. Spagos // 690 Erie St. E.

This is another authentic Italian spot in Windsor that you must visit ASAP.  This is a great place to take a picky eater because they have so many good menu options! Be sure to show up early or make a reservation, because this place seems to fill up pretty quickly.

17. The Twisted Apron //1833 Wyandotte St E.

P.S.A. Twister Apron is home to some of the most amazing blueberry brie cheese french toast you will ever have.  Which means you need to take a trip there ASAP.

18. Mezzo // 804 Erie St E.

Mezzo is a beautiful restaurant with equally as elegant food.  This is an awesome spot to go to celebrate a special occasion or treat a loved one to a wonderful meal.

19. Bubi’s Awesome Eats // 620 University Ave W.

Bubi’s has a fun atmosphere with a great menu.  Be sure to try one of their super quirky and delicious burgers next time you’re there.

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